Devoted to art and technology. I am a big sucker for both.

I have to say morning cartoons were a big influence in my early days which awakened the inner creative in me.

Since childhood I loved to doodle and paint. I would often find myself joining art contests and drawing for friends. I still recall asking my 1st grade how to spell "cowabunga" for a Ninja Turtles "Just Say No" an early 90' anti-drugs campaign poster I drew.

Old PC

In 8th grade is when I first learned the use of computers. I learned to type using the homerow keys with the help of good old Mavis Beacon in Windows 95. Before that I had no clue how computers worked and had very little interest. Possibly due to the fact that I wasn't exposed to them much and my family didn't find the need to buy one. I remember playing a game called Word Munchers a lot though in 4th grade.

Later in high school I ended up taking a few vocational classes, one of which was an introductory course called desktop publishing; learning to create simple letterheads, business cards and such. I loved art; I loved computers, the two just felt right. From that point on I had a good feeling to jump into a career involving digital design.

Towards my senior year I became highly interested in computer animation. I was so fascinated by the artistic process that went into the work. A major influence was Pixar's Toy Story which convinced me that 3D was the future for my career.

After graduating from high school, I wound up in Fort Lauderdale where my creative journey began at The Art Institute in the computer animation program. Little did I know that my passion for design would expand and evolve into something new.

Although, computer animation is in my heart my real passion is Graphic Design which gradually morphed into Web Design which is where I find myself today. I always strive to improve my craft by learning something new. I think in this digital era it's almost impossible not to.

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